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Transfer the powerful energy of plants directly into your aura effecting deep level changes for personal health and wellbeing on all levels.

Space Clear your home and protect your aura with the world's first and most effective Clearing and Protection essences recommended by well known author Judy Hall.


Crystal Clear and Clear 2 Light

The easy way to clear energies in your home, workspace and personal aura. Recommended by top author Judy Hall

Power Shield

Aura Protection, keep out unwanted energies. Check out the Testimonials! Our aura protection essences are the result of 21 years of research.




Petaltone Essences have developed innovative ways to create and work with plant energy essences since 1992. Most are applied directly into the Chakras via evaporation from the hands. Some of our Space Clearing essences may be effectively sprayed, whilst others work well in a vaporiser. Our Shamanic essences are applied by placing a few drops on the floor or by the feet. They are not taken internally.