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If you suffer from over sensitivity this may be triggered by a number of different sources, from psychic energies to geopathic stress, through to electrical EMF vibrations from cellphones, smart meters wifi etc…
Sensitivity is a useful tool, up to a point, but then it can become a real burden if it gets out of control.

NEW Petaltone Aura Protection Course 2016
This new Online Course has been designed specially to help you to gain more control of your sensitivity, on all levels. You will find out more about your own energy and how it works, and Petaltone Founder David Eastoe will personally oversee your work and guide you through this process.

The Course includes an Aura Protection essence set, as well as essences for Grounding, Space and Aura Clearing and emotional healing.
Course fees £190 including p+p in UK (+£12 GBP shipping outside UK)

(concessions: if on benefits etc we offer a 2 or 3 stage payment for this)