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Family Treatments

Free dowsing for family household members.We have found that treating all members of household/family is far more effective than treating an individual. This is because all members energies are deeply involved and intertwined with each other.

Petaltone Flower Fairy Essence Set for Treating Children

These Petaltone Essences have been created in special dilutions suitable for children of all ages. There are 11 in the set which may also be purchased individually, please click on title for full details on 'multi level aura treatments' page.

Anzen 24 : this essence can help with sensitivity and allergies by reducing the over reaction of the immune and subtle energy systems. available by using the 'any essence' button on the Ordering Page

Now on You Tube a new improved short demo of how to aplly essences

Petaltone Book of Space and Energy Clearing - by David Eastoe

A sensitive person's guide to Planet Earth

Many of us are very sensitive to the energies around us, and more people now seek to open up to this awareness. However there is little help or information to assist with the issues that this reveals.This book delves deeply into this and offers some very useful solutions too. Learn about how you can clear the energies in your home or workspace, keep out unwanted intrusions and establish a better living energy environment. 

Petaltone Book of Space and Aura Clearing Pdf on request may be found on the 'Petaltone Book of the Aura' page £2.50

Orders now accepted by phone

As from 2/11/13 we can now accept card payments by telephone. We will need your usual card details + postcode to process payment


HG Rosea : Protection, closing down and shining! helps to stabilise the chakras and has been seen to create a beautiful glow around your energy. 

Chakras that are too open may also be closed somewhat, so this is good for those who need help with closing down.

Skype Consultation and Classes 2013/14

Read more: Skype Consultations and Classes

Shamanic Clearing Session with Helen Guild BscHons - by phone 

A powerful session that involves live clearing energy of forms that are the root causes of many of your challenges, including cords that keep you bound to past connections. Helen draws on her considerable experience using both traditional Peruvian Shamanic techniques, plant spirit medicine and counselling skills. This session has been specially developed to work effectively over the phone.

1 hour session £55  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Temple Flame" New Essence

A new protection and clearing essence titled 'Temple Flame ' is now available on request from petaltone uk outlet

available in all 3 sizes