Essences for Aura Protection  - keep out those unwanted energies!


Left: aura before treatment     Right:  aura after treatment


The Aura Protection essences listed below work by building up aura shielding, keeping out unwanted energies and intrusions. Each one works in a unique way. Having cleansed your aura and environment using the Clearing Essences, you can now biuld up protection so that you are less vulnerable and more in control of your own space. Please note these we also have some new protection essences that can be found on the New Essences page

Disclaimer: these essences are designed to be used in the very specific ways described. We do not accept responsibility for their use in any other way.

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'Power Shield Plus' Aura Protection Kit

We suggest trying each one for a few days to find out what it can really do. Good to use before sleep too, as night time is often a vulnerable time. Many people have had amazing results with these.


'Power Shield'

The first of the series, creating an aura boundary that keeps out intrusions on many different levels. Use as often as needed via evaporation into the aura from the hands or by applying a couple of drops to the inner wrists (energy access point).


'Space Master'

Builds and strengthens the shielding against intruding entities and lower astral energies. Use via evaporation into the aura from the hands, or by placing a few drops on the inner wrists, and for space protection place 6 drops in 100ml of water and spray into the room, reaching high into corners, being aware that electrical equipment should be switched off and covered first. Protection lasts up to 8 hours with one application. (when spraying essences, re-load bottle for each essence, do not mix them)


'EMF Protection'

This amazing essence not only shields against electrical smog created by phones computers and wifi etc, it is also a great all round protection : highly effective! Helps with calming and centering the energies . Comes recommended by Nina Ashby (renowned psychic and spiritual teacher)


'Fire Tone'

multi layer aura protection essence. Use by evaporation into the aura

USE: Recommend using one essence at a time, applying several times a day. At night before sleep is often helpful. Notice the effects, then try the next one another day. This way you will find what works best for you. Essences also have a cumulative effect, building the protective shielding over time.


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Aura Protection Meta Set Plus

Set comprises Power Shield Plus with an additional 4 protection essences + Shamanic Enhancement essence

Power Shield, Space Master, Fire Tone, EMF Protect, Special 8, Gateway Sentinel, Aegis, Safe Space, Petaltone Plant Ally.

This powerful set of 9 essences for enhanced protection. each essence is a powerful protection in it's own right, now this potential can be further increased by applying any one essence then using Plant Ally. Simply choose an essence, follow the instructions to apply it, then place 2 or 3 drops of Plant Ally by your feet, and focus your intention to fully activate the protection essence. This can increase potency up to 40%.

The extra essences included with this set are as follows:

Special 8 

Cleanses lower Astral level stuff effectively and creates a protective shield with an 8 fold symmetry,


Gateway Sentinel

Special protection for the psychic gateway at the back of the neck. This is where a lot of negative energies try to enter, so a shield at this point is very useful.



Apply this one to the solar plexus chakra specially, offers protection from lower astral entities, and may help in cases of prolonged psychic interference.


Petaltone Plant Ally

Shamanic enhancement essence from Hawaii, use as per instructions for enhancing any essence in this set. 



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New Petaltone Protection Essences: Please note that we are continually developing new essences, so please check the

New Essences page to get the latest updates!




Set for both Clearing and Protection


Clearing and Protection Set

This set offers 2 powerful essences for clearing your aura, crystals and living/workspace, PLUS 2 powerful aura protection essences that shield against intrusive energies.


Astral Clear + Clear 2 Light (30ml) , Power Shield + Space Master (15ml) Set Price £39 GBP UK outlet only


Disclaimer: these essences are designed to be used in the very specific ways described. We do not accept responsibility for their use in any other way.



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