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NEW Petaltone 'Light Field' essences

Light Field Essences
Petaltone Light Field essences are ‘High Frequency’ essences that have the component of white light vibrations as well as the more organic earth based energies of plants. Spanning a greater vibrational range therefore they offer interesting potential and can be felt very powerful when applied to the aura in the ways indicated for each one.
The properties of each essence are unique, and these are described individually in the essence Set text, numbering these ‘Light Field’ from 1 – 10.

1)    Light Field Protection – use for aura protection purposes, evaporate into chakras in the usual way.
2)    Aura Shielding – protection again, this time applied a few drops at the feet, and offering a boundary for the aura which may otherwise be too open
3)    Triple Application protection essence, builds a profound protection and vibrational stabilising, can be used for example as triple application at the Base chakra to reduce fear and panic
4)    Protecting deep into the core of your energy system, may be applied as usual to the chakras
5)    Etheric cleansing and removal of negative thought forms, may be applied as usual to any chakras
6)    Clearing into the different levels of the emotions and dissolving dark and limiting stuff such as fear and other negative emotional content.
7)    Peaceful Light Field   great for establishing calm and preparing for meditation or quiet healing, may be applied to any and all chakras.
8)    Mystical feminine powers may be awakened, and you may be able to cope with facing the unknown. This is a powerful essence and may be applied to the chakras in the usual way,   probably good to dowse which chakras are the best for this one each time it is used.
9)    Rose White Light from this energetic essence, a lovely tingling upgrade of your aura vibrations to a sweeter higher frequency. Great in any and all chakras and also in the Bath!
10)  Golden White Light this essence can be used to increase the frequencies, bless and enhance the aura in any or all chakras, also good in the Bath!

It is also possible that several of these will work well in a vaporiser, although we have yet to run tests on this it is worth experimenting. Prices individually 30ml £13.95 15ml £9.99 10ml £7.45. SET of 10 10ml £69.95 + p+p. email us to place order

Recession Buster Energy Work Training !

Energy Work Training: inexpensive Online Training focused on developing a wide range of energy work skills. (with concessions and some bursaries for unemployed)

Level One Essential Skills   
Introduction to Energy Work, and Aura Health Module
Healing Sanctuary Module

Level Two
Energy Body : The Chakras
Pendulum Dowsing
Space Clearing 1
Aura Protection
Developing Intuition

Level Three
Space Clearing 2
Aura Protection 2
Crystal Healing
Power of Choice, Imagination and Creativity

Level Four
Plant Ally working with Plant Spirits
Singing Bowl :  Sound Healing

Prices: Level One £15 for the Essential Skills includes 2 Modules
Level 2  £25 each Module
Level 3  £25 each Module
Level 4  £75  each Module

Due to recession we will also offer discounts and bursaries to those who are unemployed, please email for details.

All Courses taken at your own pace with written feedback and mentored by David Eastoe,  Petaltone Founder

The Living Tarot - Reading + Petaltones

The Living Tarot : Petaltone Tarot Readings

We do readings from photo sent online, and then we dowse essences that help you make the necessary transformations that are highlighted by the relevant cards in the reading. This has been tested and found to be very powerful way to focus essence selection.

This is a new venture for us and we re launching the following readings at this time.

Living Tarot Reading
A simple but powerful spread designed to focus your question in the most effective way, and deliver suggestions for action/transformation supported by 3 x Petaltone Essences
From online recent photo, £49.99 + p+p inc 3 x 10ml essences dowsed for you.

Living Tarot Plus Reading
A more expanded spread with 5 essences dowsed to assist the action/transformation
From online recent photo £69.99 +p+p.  p+p in UK is £3.65 outside UK will depend on location but is usually around £10 - £12 GBP



New Books : 'Psychic First Aid' and 'for Crystal Healers', 'Psychic Attack'- what can I do?

New Books :

Petaltone Book of Protection from EMF's and Electro Smog - dealing with the hot topic


Psychic First Aid for Reiki, Crystal Healers and Light Workers

a Petaltone Guide Book by David Eastoe avaiable now on Amazon Kindle format or as Pdf download on request from petaltone.co.uk


 New Book : Petaltones for Crystal Healers. also available on Amazon Kindle or as a Pdf Download on request


New Book : Psychic Attack- what can I do? a Petaltone Guide Book https://www.amazon.co.uk/Psychic-Attack-what-David-Eastoe-ebook/dp/B07HKLL47Q/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1543749751&sr=8-6&keywords=David+Eastoe


Ancestral Light NEW clears ancestral garbage powerfully!

Ancestral Light NEW organic mineral/plant essence combo clears ancestral garbage powerfully! Evaporate into Chakras, especially the Base Chakra. Dissolves harmful energies from down the ancestral line, which can be very useful as this often goes undetected but influences our lives.

This essence has been rpoduced under the helpful guidance of Judy Hall

Available now on request in all sizes from petaltoneUK