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Dowsing Service - from a photo online for just £13.95   email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please enclose a recent photo , full length prefered, (or at least from base chakra to crown chakra) just one person in the photo please. Phone pic is good enough, quality of pic not so important...we will send a payment request for the Dowsing which will be carried out by David Eastoe/Helen Guild and the results emailed to you, we recommend usually 3 or 4 essences, selected by dowsing from our range of nearly 200, together with which Chakras they need to be applied to.

We also offer to dowse whole family, this will be £13.95 per adult and £4.99 per child.

You may already have the essences that have been indicated, otherwise these can be ordered from petaltone uk. (10ml size is usually sufficient for personal application from dowsing.)