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The Living Tarot - Essences are being selected that help to actualise the Positive aspects of each Tarot Card. We begin with the Major Arcana, and will publish our essence 'recipes' as we discover these. If you wish to bring the positive aspect of a card to life in your own energy pattern, then using these essence recipes will help with this, assisting with the process of positive transformation. We have listed the first one here, there are more which we will be happy to email to anyone interested.

The Fool (0) The Following essences have been indicated for activating the positive aspects of this card

Set 1 -
Amorthyst          chakras 5 + 6
Orange Chalice  chakra 3
Silver Genie        chakras 2 + 3
Creative               chakra 2

Set 2 also useful
Orange Carneleon   chakra 3
Spirit Ground            chakra   3
Mars                           chakra 3
XO                               chakra 6

Set 3 also useful
Spirit of Abundance     chakra 2
HG Hawaii Tree 6           chakra 4
HG Hawaii Tee 4             chakra 2