Matrix Gold set of 6 essences are applied in the usual way via evaporation into chakras that have been indicated by Dowsing. But there is a new and very interesting way of focusing this essence treatment session. We begin by sitting quietly and having a little five minutes or so meditation to quieten the mind. Next we set an important specific intention to focus on some achievable safe healing goal for ourselves today. Then we use visualisation/imagination to call up an image of our own self as an energy body. We may see (or perceive in other ways) our own energy field and chakras and then seek to notice where there is a relevant area of disharmony for our session. Usually we are led to focus on this chakra or area quite quickly. Once we have made that connection we use Dowsing to determine which of the 6 essences needs to be applied to which of our chakras in order to help with healing  this disharmony. We then apply the indicated essence/s to the indicated chakra/s in the usual way.

The six essence set 10mls is available from Petaltone UK @ £39.95 + p+p (or 30mls @ £74.95 or 15mls @ £54.95)

We have found this to be a powerful addition to the usual selection and application methods, and are greatful to Judy hall for help with establishing this new system.