How to use this website

Many people come to our site having read about a specific product or seen a video or been recommended.

We sell over 200 products so it is not always easy to go straight to the things you want, we also have some different purchasing options so here is a guide:

All of our products may be purchased individually even if they are also sold as part of a set

All are available in 3 sizes, 10ml, @£7.45, 15ml @ £9.99 and 30ml @ £13.95 (Petaltones with added oils are +£1 on these prices) all + p+p

If you start by going to the Products page and select 'Essences' , then you will see a list of different kinds, including Space Clearing and Aura Protection. If you click on one of these you will get the details. The 'New Essences' link there takes you to a page with a large number of new ones. It is worthwhile spending a little time exploring these pages then you can see what we have available.

'Any Essence' purchase button??? : several of our sets have buttons enabling you to directly click and select size then add to shopping cart via Paypal secure link. For anything else there are options: 'Any Essence' button simply allows you to specify how many and what size. Then you will need to send us a brief email detailing the essence choices.

If you want you may also simply email us with a list of: 1) which essences 2) which sizes   3) which country for delivery  then we can send you a direct Paypal request allowing secure payment via card online or via paypal. If outside the UK we can also include correct shipping for your order.

Outside UK? then email us as above, as we will need to add the shipping rates for your country, these vary a great deal of course. We ship to most countries, but not directly to Japan, where we have an outlet available for you ( see Ordering page for details on ordering from Japan outlet). You may have to pay customes duties in your own country.

We are a small business and are not required to register for VAT at this time, so this is not charged by us.

Check out the 'Information' page where you will find links to short videos and books detailing how to use Petaltones and exploring the various aspects of this work.