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New Essences - 2017/18


The following are essences that are either new or not listed elsewhere.

New Sept 2018  'Essences for Everyday Uses'

Calm and Relax (1+2)

Grief and Separation

Peaceful Sleep

Strong and Brave


Available in all sizes. To purchase all or any of these please use the Any essence button at the bottom of this page and select the sizes , then email us to let us know which ones you want.

(This essence series is designed for the newcomer to Petaltones who wishes to easily begin to use the essences. The series comprises essences from other sets that are good for these particular issues.)


EMF Protection Set (Protection from Computers and Phones Set)

Set of 6 Essences for application before, during and after exposure to EMF's. available in all 3 sizes. Set now expanded to include the new 'Shungite' Organic Mineral essence that is a great one for this purpose (the use of Shungite mineral in this context is highlited by Author Judy Hall )

These may be purchased individually, or as a set Set price is discounted as follows:



Petaltone 'Deep Level' Essences

All Petaltones work at relatively deep levels in the energy field, but the following are specially for working even deeper, and may not directly relate to physical world symptoms or issues.

New Crystal Tone essences for crystals

These unique essences combine the energy of plants with healing sounds/tones and are applied to crystals directly.

New Tone Master: powerful clearing essence to use with your crystals and also in a vaporiser, the power of sound combined with natural plant energies

Tone Matser - sizes


New: 'Crystal Breeze' add a few drops to your crystals or vaporise, creates a beautiful energy 'breeze' that clears and purifies the space (and tunes up the energy in the crystals also!)



New June 2018 Set, with new method of application too!

'Deep Level' for Protection by Layered Application : the follwing essences are applied 2 or 3 times in sequence, building layers that deepen and strengthen the effects. They are made specially for this kind of application. Be guided as to how you feel as to whether to apply 2 x or 3x in succession, they can be rather strong! These are all protection and clearing essences:

1) Flow Master : clears and protects the central energy in the spine, releases blocks. The Kundalini channel rises through all the Chakras via this central column of energy in the spine. Keeping this clear and flowing can have a profound effect on your vital energy at all levels.
2) Silver Sentinel : builds three levels of aura boundary and protection making it harder for unwanted energies to intrude and giving you more control over your personal energy space.
3) Angel Fire : protection and clearing building strong boundaries that offer an effective defense against energies that may seek to assert dominance and intrude against your will.
4) EMF Protection 2 : aura protection and help against electromagnetic frequencies, to which many are becoming increasingly sensitive, as more and more build up around us all the time.
5) Clear Psychic Gateway 2 : can be used at back of the neck, the psychic gateway that can ve a vulnerable place where unwanted energies intrude.

The following is applied to the floor for creating a protective energy space:
6) Temple Space : place a drop or two in each of the 4 quarters around your feet, and a drop in the middle between feet. establishes a strong personal space with protected boundaries, useful for both meditative pruposes and everyday protection also. establishes a strong personal space with boundaries, a safe environment for meditation, healing yoga and shamanic practises.

all available from petaltone UK outlet, available individually on request  £13.95 30ml £9.99 15ml £7.45 10ml +p+p
Set of 6 30ml £74.95 15ml £49.95 10ml £39.95 +p+p currently these may be ordered on request.

NEW 'Planets Set'

12 essences for the planets  (inc Earth and Chiron) that offer positive energy transformation related to each of the Planets. We made these at the request of Astrolger/Author Judy Hall and they have been used in workshops and semi ceremonial settings to good effect.
available in all sizes

Planet Set - sizes


New 'Chakra Tone' Essences Set  - The Inner Sound of Plants Set

Seven essences for toning, tuning and clearing the 7 main Chakras, these amazing essences contain both natural plant energies and also active Sound Healing Tones that are applied individually to each specified Chakra for clearing and balancing. Strong energies of these essences can realign and transform each Chakra at a deep energy level.


Petaltone Pet Set - 10ml £24.99

Four essences selected for their usefullness in treating most pets. Pet 1: Confisence/Self worth, Pet 2: Healing the Hurts, Pet 3: Loving Support, Pet 4: All levels Protection


NEW: Dark Violet 10ml size Alcohol Free (less than 1%) all essences available across the range except Z14, leaf 1,2, 1A. £8.45


Petaltone 'Memory' Set to address the aura energies relating to Memory Loss

Six of our essences have been selected for assisting the healing of memory loss, a condition that affects many as we age. The essences are selected from across our range of Sets, and you may already have some of these, or you may alternatively wish to purchase them as a set. 'Worthy'(throat chakra), 'Aegis' (throat chakra), 'Silver Genie' (sacral heart and brow chakras), Crystal Clear' (crown chakra), 'Spirit Ground' (solar plexus and brow chakras), 'Hawaii 3 '(heart and brow chakras).  £39.99 for the 10ml set + p+p from UK outlet only.

We also recommend the use of Rosemary Tea, and Vinpocetine Herb (available online from other suppliers) to help with this serious issue, as these have been found to help.


Petaltone 'ClearEyes' Set to address issues of energies that affect eyesight

Available as a Set (or you can make up your own set as follows: Hawaii 6 : Brow Chakra, Safe Space: at the feet, Power Shield Brow Chakra and White Light : Throat Chakra.)

Some people find that the energy around the eyes and the Brow and Throat Chakras becomes cloudy or congested, and using these essences may help to clear it.


Petaltone Essences Enhanced with Essential Oils  

Please use 'Plus Oils' button to purchase these

Crystal Clear + Frankincense (Aura/Space Clear evaporate or spray)

Crystal Clear + Lavender (Aura/Space Clear evaporate or spray)

EMF Protection + Rose (Protection from electro smog, evaporate)

Ankh + Arnica (super Yang blast! evaporate)

Spirit of Abundance + Arnica (Enhance connection and appreciation of abundance, evaporate)

Beauty + Patchouli (for feeling beautiful being yourself! evaporate)

Temple Flame + Fankincense (creating a protective, sacred space, evaporate)

Creative + peppermint (enhance the creativity)

Safe Space + Vanilla (place on floor or on crystal, special shamanic essence for protection)

Z14 + Lavender (place on the floor or on crystal, specialist Shamanic essence for clearing the etehric)

Petaltone + Oils button  please let us know which one/s you require in message with purchase or via a covering email

+Oils - Sizes

The following New essences may be purchased using the button at the bottom of the page:

'Deep Level' Spirit Path Essences

Amazing new essencesare made by us in Thailand,

Spirit Path 1 raises the vibration of your Astral body including the Lower Astral
Connects Heaven and Earth, brings energies from the most refined levels of high frequency vibrations,  into the Astral Body, gently but powerfully. This helps to calm and heal and bring into alignment, replacing negative and harmful energies.

Spirit Path 2   Transformation Essence
Transformation of harmful energies, especially at the physical level.
Grounding bringing the energies down into the earthly vehicle, calming and steadying
Works in the Fire element and transforms negativity, Mentally stimulating also. This essence keeps coming up in dowsing sessions and is very useful!

Spirit Path 3  Astral Spirit Path / Psychic Gateway

Psychic Gateway essence, helps with aligning the energies at the Gateway at back of the neck, can be useful for those wishing to Astral Travel or who have issues with this. Also may help those whose Astral layers are not quite aligned with the physical.  Connections with people are enhanced.


Aura Protection New Essences

Ancestral Light : new organic mineral essence, cleanses the Ancestral Line, goes a long way back and relieves psychic stress

Rose Quartz Healing Angel organic mineral/plant energy essence excellent for the Heart Chakra

Smoky Quartz  powerful organic mineral+plant energy essence

Shungite new 'organic mineral essence' for protection and shielding. Apply via evaporation to chakras.

Black Tourmaline also new organic mineral essence for protection and shielding, apply via evaporation into chakras.

Black Amber and Petrified Wood best used in sequence, these new organic mineral essences for psychic protection

Violet Silver Angel this new protection essence works in these colours to shield your aura against unwanted intrusions

Anzen 24 new essence to help with allergies and general over sensitivity

New Earth and Heaven  The connection between Earth and Heaven is at the very heart of our lives here on this planet, where we are the only beings who can span and connect these two realms. We offer a powerful new essence that brings a lovely connection to the earth energies, and combines this with a strong link to the spiritual level. The actions of this essence can be noticably felt in each individual chakra to which it is applied.

Temple Flame  Healing and protection essence, via the element of Fire. Also useful for clearing and charging crystals.

HG Rosea helps in cases where chakras are too open, also protection and energising the subtle bodies

Clear 2 Indigo - protection on 3 different levels, this beautiful and powerful new Aura Protection essence is not only a good all round aura protection and clearing but also is particularly good to use just before sleep, alters the quality of dreams.


Additional Healing Essences

Ancestral Light : new organic mineral essence, cleanses the Ancestral Line, goes a long way back

Tantric Recharge Set : 4 new essences to recharge the sexual/creative energies  includes Red Jasper, Orange Carnelion, Smoky Quartz and Rose Quartz organic mineral+plant essences

Red Jasper recharges especially sacral chakra

Orange Carneleon powerful energy boost for any chakra, may also be mixed in the hand with Crystal Clear for a potent clearing and charging of the whole aura

Spirit of Abundance reissue : due to popularity a new stock of this essence has now been produced with an updated 'recipe'

New Mandala - works particularly well on the emotional and also spiritual levels creating new energy patterns, so very useful when you are trying to change old energy patterns and move forward.

Akashic apply this essence to the Crown Chakra to help facilitate access of Akashic Records, useful in Regression Therapy.

Mamake  New Hawaiian essence, this is made from a plant used widely by Native Hawaiians, it has an exquisite energy for healing and soothing, and often when applied to a chakra one can feel it's energy travel to a 'trouble spot' in the body where healing then takes place. Beautiful.

Crystal Charge (re-charge) will recharge your crystals, (recommended by Judy Hall in many of her excellent books on Crystals and Psychic Protection)

Creative  helps to structure your energies so that you can create your life, assisting with the relationship between the world of structrure and the world of ideas.

Source 77  connects you with your full potential at a soul level. Works well as a pair with 'Creative'. Between them they help connect you with your life's potential.

Healing Flame  This essence purifies the energies along your central energy column/spine, relieving tension areas and freeing up blocked energy.

Ti Clear   This essence has not been included in any sets, although it goes very well with the Tantric Singles Set, it is for clearing out Atlantean energy patterns that keep us tied to that time, and helps dissolve old ties with persons that date back a long way.


To purchase any of these in UK as individual bottles separate from their sets please click on the 'Add to Cart' below and choose size, then add essence title/s in a covering email listing your choices to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Outside UK please email for shipping rates before placing your order.)

Any Essence : sizes

Please note : we make no claims and our essences are not scientifically tested and are not supposed to replace medical treatments. However in 23 years there are a large number of people who have benefited from their use. Animals also often benefit from their use (animals are not affected by the placebo effect!) We do have a money back policy if you are not happy with your essences.