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NEW 'Spirit Path Essences'

NEW 'Spirit Path' Essences available now!

These powerful new essences are from Thailand and the special energies they bring can best be described as 'Spirit Path' energies

Spirit Path 1) Brings the higher frequency energies from evolved spiritual levels into your Astral, including Lower Astral. This helps to calm and heal, and bring into alignment

Spirit path 2) Transformation of harmful energies, and a calming and grounding, a bringing you into body in a gentle but powerful manner

Spirit Path 3) Psychic Gateway essence that helps the Astral alignment at this vital Gateway and is also very useful for those who do or who wish to Astral Travel, or who have issues with 'looseness' of the Astral Bodies. Also helps to focus the Mind and the Will. Heightens the senses, and brings a sence of deeper peace from above.


Available in all sizes (please use the 'Any Essence' buttion to order these at this time.



Family Treatments: Treat the household, free dowsing service

Family Treatments

Dowsing for family household members.We have found that treating all members of household/family is far more effective than treating an individual. This is because all members energies are deeply involved and intertwined with each other.

Essence for Allergies

Anzen 24 : this essence can help with sensitivity and allergies by reducing the over reaction of the immune and subtle energy systems. available by using the 'any essence' button on the Ordering Page