Books by David Eastoe (Pdf on request or Amazon Kindle)

Petaltone Book of the Aura

Petaltone Book of Space and Energy Clearing

Psychic Attack - what can I do? a Petaltone Guide

Psychic First Aid for Reiki, Crystal healers and Light Workers - Gain control of your energy space so you can do Healing work without collecting entities, getting depleted or psychic invasions! A Petaltone book to help both your clients and yourself.

How to Attract Your Next partner - using essences and some other useful processes to change the energy around your relationship patterns

Petaltones for Crystal Healers - as advised by Judy hall in many of her excellent books there are many ways that Petaltones can be used with crystals for healing, protection, clearing, and this book highlights some of these.

New Age Bullshit Buster Kit ‘channelled’ Dawn Alpha Zerox (Humour)

Petaltone Book of Protection from EMF's and Electro Smog addressing the issues that are affecting a growing number of people

Navigating a Crisis: a Petaltone Guide to Challenging Times We are not trained to deal with the unpredictable, the unknown, and we spend a lot of our time and money trying to shield ourselves from it. So how can we cope when the ground shifts from under us and forces beyond our control send us into the ‘screaming void’?

How to Use your Singing Bowl : Ancient Sound Healing Techniques The Singing Bowls have become very popular and many have found them to have mystical properties but few people have discovered their secrets or know how to use them properly. This book can get you started and gives you both some good ways of using the Bowl, and an overview of the potentials, based on decades of research and experience.



Pendulums & Bottle Stands