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Here you will find easy browsing via Categories. Also below there is a complete essence list. If you are new to Petaltones then why not try 'Quick Order popular Sets'. Regular customers and the more deeply curious check out 'New Essences' as we have frequent new additions to the range. For how to use our essences please go to the  'Information' page.


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Space Clearing Meta Set (4 x 30ml)

Power Shield Plus - Aura Protection Kit  (4x 15ml) £35.00

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Complete Essence Products List 2017

Aegis - Aura protection
Akashic - helping to access Akashic Records
Albion Star - powerful earth enegy connections
Amorthyst (21 set) (see 21 Set explanations)
Ankh (21 Set) (see 21 Set explanations)
Ankh + Arnica Oil - Yang booster
Anzen 24 - Aura protection aimed at allergies
Ash (HG Shamanic)
Astral Clear - Powerful Space Clearing/Aura Cleansing
Aura Blue (21 Set) (see 21 Set explanations)
Aura Flame (21 Set) (see 21 Set explanations)
Aus Rock 1,2,3   Australian Rock essences
Be Calm (Flower Fairy Children’s Set)
Beauty (Tantric Singles + Couples Sets) - for positive self worth/image
Beauty (Flower fairy Children’s Set)
Beauty + Patchouli Oil
Blue Source - energising
Bright Star (Tantric Singles Set) positive self regard

Chakra Tone 1-7 (for toning up and clearing the 7 Chakras Base-Crown)
Creative - to assist the creative flow
Creative with Peppermint Oil
Crystal Charge (for charging crystals)
Crystal Clear (Clearing essence, also part of 21 Set)
Crystal Clear with Frankincense Oil
Crystal Clear with Lavender Oil
Cleansing Angel (Hawaii5) energy clearing for the aura
Clear 2 Indigo - Multi level aura protection, great just before sleep
Clear 2 Light - Space and Aura Cleansing/Crystal Clearing
Clear Psychic Gateway - clears the gateway at the back of the neck
Clearing (Flower Fairy Children’s Set) - aura clearing for the young
Clear Star (21 Set) (see 21 Set explanations)
Clear Tone (21 Set) (see 21 Set explanations)
Copper Beech (HG Shamanic)

Crystal Breeze (plant energy and sound for use on crystals)
Deep Spring (Tantric Couples Set) for energising depleted chakras
EMF Protect - protection for the aura aimed at helping with sensitivity to electronics
EMF Protect and Rose Oil
Fire Clear (21 Set) (see 21 Set explanations)
Firetone - Aura protection
Gateway Sentinel - protection for the psychic gateway at back of neck
Golden Glow - Aura and Space Clearing - great in the bath!
Golden Light (21 Set) (see 21 Set explanations)
Golden River (Tantric Couples Set)
Golden Way (Tantric Singles Set)
Hawthorn (HG UK Shamanic Tree Set)
Hazel (HG UK Shamanic Tree Set)
Healing (Flower Fairy Children’s Set)
Healing Flame - aura healing essence
HG Hawaiian Tree 1 - 7 (HG Hawaiian Tree Shamanic Set)
Healing Angel (Hawaii 7)
Hawaii Blue (Hawaii 9)
HG Rosea - chakra protection, helps to close chakras that are too open
HG Shamanic UK 1-6 (UK Shamanic Tree Set)
Independence (Flower Fairy children’s set)
Jasmine (21 Set)
Lama (Hawaii 10)
Leaf 1 Earth Healing
Leaf 1A Nature Healing
Leaf 2 Water Healing
Love and Support (Flower Fairy children’s set)
Letting Go ( Flower Fairy childrens set)
Mamake - Hawaiian essence for healing
Metta (21 Set)
Moving Forward (Flower Fairy children’s set)
Mountain Yang (Tantric Couples Set)
Naio (Hawaii 6) Yang Booster
New Earth and Heaven (aura protection and grounding)
New Mandala (changes energy patterns)
Oak (HG UK Shamanic Tree set)
Orange Chalice (21 Set)
Pink Angel (21 Set)
Planet Earth (Flower Fairy Set)
Plumeria (Hawaii 2) from Hawaii Set
Power Shield (aura proetcetion)
(PPA)Plant Ally (UK).  plant spirit Shamanic essence from UK
(PPA)Hawaiian Plant Ally.   plant spirit Shamanic essence from Hawaii
Prosperity Set 1-4
Purple Valley (tantric couples set)
Release (21 Set)
Red Hibiscus (Hawaii 4)
Rolling Waves HG Tree essence for calming energies
Safe Space (aura Protection)
Safe Space with Vanilla Oil

Special 8 (aura Protection)
Shock (Flower Fairy Set)
Silver Genie (21 Set)
Silvery Moon (21 Set)
Soul Star (21 Set) also titled 'Crystal Charge'
Soul Tone (Hawaii 3)
Source 77  ( energising essence)
Space Clearing (Hawaii 8)
Space Master (Aura Protection)

Spirit Ground (21 Set)
Spirit of Abundance
Spirit of Abundance with Arnica Oil
Spirit Path 1, 2, 3 (Thai Spirit Path Set)

Spirit Spring (energising essences)
Stands Alone (21 Set)
Sweet Dreams (Flower Fairy set)
Temple Flame (aura protection)
Temple Flame with Frankincense Oil
Ti Leaf (Hawaii 1)
Tone Master (for use on crystals)
Ti Clear (decordng from ancient ties)
Violet Silver Angel (aura protection)
Weeping Willow (HG UK Shamanic Tree Set)
Weight Loss 1-11
White Light (21 Set)
White Spring (21 Set)
XO. (special order clearing essence)
Z14 Shamanic Clearing
Z14 + oil

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Q: How to use the Any essence button? UK customers just click on it and select the size(s) and number of bottles, then checkout/pay as usual. Be aware that this button does not specify which essences are required, just the size and quantity. Next send us a covering email with a list of your essences you require. No problem, we do this all the time and it works very well!  (Outside Uk? please just email the list and we will send a payment request directly to include correct shipping for your country.)

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Please note that new essences are added from time to time. Check out the New Essences page for updates also.