Petaltone Essences Products List 2017

Albion Star
Amorthyst (21 set)
Ankh (21 Set)
Ankh + Arnica Oil
Anzen 24
Ash (HG Shamanic)
Astral Clear

Aura Blue (21 Set)
Aura Flame (21 Set)
Be Calm (Flower Fairy Children’s Set)
Beauty (Tantric Singles + Couples Sets)
Beauty (Flower fairy Children’s Set)
Beauty + Patchouli Oil
Blue Source
Bright Star (Tantric Singles Set)
Creative with Peppermint Oil 
Crystal Charge (for charging crystals)
Crystal Clear (Clearing essence, also part of 21 Set)
Crystal Clear with Frankincense Oil 
Crystal Clear with Lavender Oil
Cleansing Angel (Hawaii5)
Clear 2 Indigo
Clear 2 Light
Clearing (Flower Fairy Children’s Set)
Clear Star (21 Set)
Clear Tone (21 Set)
Copper Beech (HG Shamanic)
Deep Spring (Tantric Couples Set)
EMF Protect
EMF Protect and Rose Oil
Fire Clear (21 Set)
Gateway Sentinel
Golden Glow
Golden Light (21 Set)
Golden River (Tantric Couples Set)
Golden Way (Tantric Singles Set)
Hawthorn (HG UK Shamanic Tree Set)
Hazel (HG UK Shamanic Tree Set)
Healing (Flower Fairy Children’s Set)
Healing Flame
HG Hawaiian Tree 1 - 7 (HG Hawaiian Tree Shamanic Set)
Healing Angel (Hawaii 7)
Hawaii Blue (Hawaii 9)
HG Rosea
HG Shamanic UK 1-6 (UK Shamanic Tree Set)
Independence (Flower Fairy children’s set)
Jasmine (21 Set)
Lama (Hawaii 10)
Leaf 1 Earth Healing
Leaf 1A Nature Healing
Leaf 2 Water Healing
Love and Support (Flower Fairy children’s set)
Letting Go ( Flower Fairy childrens set)
Mamake - Hawaiian essence for healing
Metta (21 Set)
Moving Forward (Flower Fairy children’s set)
Mountain Yang (Tantric Couples Set)
Naio (Hawaii 6) Yang Booster
New Earth and Heaven
New Mandala
Oak (HG UK Shamanic Tree set)
Orange Chalice (21 Set)
Pink Angel (21 Set)
Planet Earth (Flower Fairy Set)
Plumeria (Hawaii 2)
Power Shield
PPA Shamanic Plant Ally
Prosperity Set 1-4
Purple Valley
Release (21 Set)
Red Hibiscus (Hawaii 4)
Rolling Waves
Safe Space
Safe Space with Vanilla Oil
Special 8
Shock (Flower Fairy Set)
Silver Genie (21 Set)
Silvery Moon (21 Set)
Soul Star (21 Set)
Soul Tone (Hawaii 3)
Source 77
Space Clearing (Hawaii 8)
Space Masterv Spirit Ground (21 Set)
Spirit of Abundance
Spirit of Abundance with Arnica Oil
Spirit Path 1, 2, 3 (Thai Spirit Path Set) Spirit Spring

Stands Alone (21 Set)
Sweet Dreams (Flower Fairy set)
Temple Flame
Temple Flame with Frankincense Oil
Ti Leaf
v Ti Clear (Hawaii 1)
Violet Silver Angel
Weeping Willow (HG UK Shamanic Tree Set)
Weight Loss 1-11
White Light (21 Set)
White Spring (21 Set)
XO. (special order clearing essence)
Z14 Shamanic Clearing
Z14 + oil

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NEW 'Planets Set' 12 essences for the planets  (inc Earth and Chiron) available on request UK outlet
‘Mandala Recipe’ these sets comprise a combination of essences from other sets.

DIY Sets (using Petaltones you may already have):

Memory Loss Set (for improving energy around memory) Aegis, Crystal Clear, Hawaii 3 Silver Genie, Spirit Ground.
Clear Eyes (for improving energy around eyesight) Hawaii 6, Power Shield, Safe Space, White Light .
Essences for Treating Depression: try using Fire Tone (throat chakra) Crystal Clear (throat chakra) and White Light (heart chakra).

Please note that new essences are added from time to time. Full details of what each essence is useful for are available on the various products sections of this website


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