Essences for Space Clearing and Aura Cleansing - also cleansing Crystals, UK Ordering

Crystal Clear, Clear 2 Light, Astral Clear, Golden Glow. Crystal Charge. UK orders use the links on this page. Outside UK please email so we can add the correct shipping.






Ever wondered how you could remove unwanted energies from your work/living spaces and your aura? Back in 1993 Petaltone Essences developed a natural essence called "Crystal Clear" which was popularised by famous author Judy Hall in her books on psychic protection. There followed Clear to Light, Astral Clear and Golden Glow, all of which have proved highly effective. (see Testimonials) UK Ordering


Crystal Clear

This one is useful in a spray . A large spray bottle is best (the smaller ones won't cover much area) 300 - 500ml suggested, such as the kind used to spray plants. Fill about 1/3 with water add 3-4 drops of Crystal Clear per 100-150ml of water, then spray high up into the corners of the room and all around. (remember to switch off and cover electrical equipment first). Watch as the energy shifts!

The 30ml bottle of essence will last for numerous treatments. It is best to refresh the spray bottle daily, so once you determine how much you need you can make up just the right amount.

For personal aura cleanse, place a couple of drops in palm of one hand, rub hands together, then pass through the aura from top down, as far as you can reach. UK orders use this link. Outside UK? please email us so we can add correct shipping.



Clear 2 Light

Another one for spraying. We've tweaked the recipe for this one which as well as cleansing also raises the vibrational frequency to that of white light. This is great when clearing darker energies.Turn the light on! Use in exactly the same way as Crystal Clear. UK orders only use this link .




Astral Clear

Works best when used in an essential oil burner or vaporiser/diffuser. (Do NOT put in a spray) This should be clean, filled with regular water and add just a few drops of Astral Clear. It may be left in a corner in the room, and kept going for many hours. This method is of course unobtrusive and very useful in treatment rooms. It works in most electronic diffusers as well as in candle powered ones. (Follow the instructions for your electronic diffuser). To shift really deep dark stuff keep it going for days, even weeks, it really gets through it!

Astral Clear may also be used to cleanse the personal aura, placing a few drops on the palm of one hand, rubbing hands together once, then passing through the whole aura from top to bottom, as with Crystal Clear.

Advanced Users : 'Serious Cleansing' for really tough clearing of deeply resistant or ingrained negative energies, use with a crystal, adding a couple of drops to a clear quartz which is simply programmed to send the essence into the space.

UK orders use this link, or outside UK? please email so we can add the correct shipping for your country.



Golden Glow

You can also spray this one. A new space clearing essence, works as the name implies! use in same way as Crystal Clear. This essence imparts a beautiful golden glow to wherever it is used as well as clearing energies.

All 4 essences are excellent in the bath, you can also treat the aura of pets, as well as consenting friends ..!!

Crystals and minerals may be energetically purified by evaporating any of these essences into them. Crystal Clear and Clear Light may also be applied via soaking crystals in water with just a few drops of essence, and leaving for 30 minutes, or you can use a spray bottle and apply them this way, useful if you have a large number! (Astral Clear should be applied directly to the crystal via evaporation rather than spray)

Space clearing is recommended as a daily routine not just in your home, but in any space used by the public, in treatment rooms, hotel rooms, and in fact any space that you want to feel clear in. Try the different essences and see what they can do! UK orders use this link. Outside UK email us please.










SprayBottle300ml  Spray bottle suitable for use with Crystal Clear, Clear 2 Light and Golden Glow


Burner 2013  Candle powered oil burner suitable for use with Astral Clear



Crystal Charge

Crystals once cleansed with the clearing essences may then be effectively charged using Crystal Charge (Soul Star) UK orders use this link.

Outside UK? please email us so we can include the correct shipping. See demos of how to use all these products on our Information page!


How to use these essences?

go to 'Information' page for for info and also links to videos