Essences for multi level Aura Treatments




'Petaltone 21 Set'

The Original 21 Petaltone essences used in aura treatments.(click on title for 21 booklet full info) All Petaltone Practitioners Training Courses focus on the 21 Set, a versatile and convenitnt number of essences for a wide range of treatments. All the 21 Set are applied via evaporation into the chakras from the hands. 

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Petaltone Flower Fairy Essence Set for Treating Children

These Petaltone Essences have been created in special dilutions suitable for children of all ages. of course they are never taken internally but are applied via evaporation into the aura. This gentle harmless method allows treatment of common issues using natural vibrational energies of plants. The essences are to be applied by an adult, and they should be stored safely like all medicines. Essences contain a small amount of alcohol to enable evaporation. They are applied one at a time, usually to the whole aura, placing a few drops on the palm of one hand, rubbing hands together briefly, then moving hands slowly through the aura allowing evaporation to tale place over 30 secs. Ideally hands should be between 4-6 ins (10-15cm) from the body, but the essence will still be effective even from up to 2ft (60cm) away.

This is a junior version of Golden Glow which clears out slow frequency, harmful or negative energies from the aura. Most people accumulate a certain amount of this kind of material as they go about daily life, and children do also. Clearing it is the equivalent of the aura having a shower and freshening up. It also adds a nice golden energy which is helpful too.

As we begin to go out into the world as children we are exposed to the various strong ideas concerning one's own image and sense of self worth. Beauty helps with feeling good about yourself and appreciating that you are a beautiful being, whatever others might say or do.

Love and Support
Much needed of course, the energy of compassion is released into the aura with this essence, and this can prove a useful balance to other energies that are encountered.

Shock accompanies many of lives traumatic events, and can live on in our energy bodies for long after, unless steps are taken to treat it. Little is known about the true nature of shock but we do know it has a debilitating effect. For children seemingly minor traumas may be more deeply psychologically disturbing than we realise, and leave a lasting impression. Using this beautiful energy essence helps to clear this from the aura, and also assists with creating boundaries in human relationships of all kinds.

Sweet Dreams
Night time can bring sweet rest, or sometimes not, sleep can be hard to come by, or may be disturbed by unpleasant dreams. Either way, this essence is ideal for application before sleep, or if woken during the night.

Letting Go
Helping with release of blocked emotions and energies, which if left may begin to accumulate and then be discharged in less healthy ways.

Planet Earth
Planet Earth calling! when ungrounded, this essence gently but powerfully helps to bring energies back into the body and to the earth plane!

Be Calm
There are times when we need some extra calming and centring influence, this beautiful essence brings a strong soothing calming energy into the aura which can then permeate the being. Helps deal with anxiety.

Much of what we experience in the world is about conforming to ideas of how we should be like other people. This may be necessary to some extent for social harmony, but it is also possible to become swamped and lose sight of our own self. This essence is for feeling good about your own individuality and being able to stand on your own two feet more.

Angel of compassionate healing, this essence can help heal emotional wounds and hurts, whether these be relatively minor, or from major traumatic events.

Moving Forward
For a positive attitude and feeling toward your own future, developing a feeling of adventurousness. It also assists with releasing of joyful emotions where these have maybe been suppressed.

All essences available individually (£7.45 10ml size) or as a set of 11 (£74.99 10ml size) please email and we will send a Payment request, or order by phone