Essences for Treating Specific Issues  


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The following sets are specially aimed at dealing with common issues. Dealing with these at a deep energetic level can really help to change the patterns.

Weight Loss Set, Prosperity Set, Tantric Essences for Finding a Partner, Tantric Essences for Sharing with a Partner


Weight Loss Set

Whatever approach you take to losing weight, it is liable to be far more effective if you work with the psychological and emotional and other material that lies beneath the surface that so often tends to be the root cause of weight issues. Whatever your reasons for wanting to lose weight, the Petaltone Weight Loss Set offers a means of safely and gently breaking down the deeperlevel issues, setting more of your energy free to become more fully your true self.

The Set consists of 11 natural plant essences that are applied via evaporation into your energy field or Aura. The plant energies carry out specific tasks to help release emotional blocks, thought forms, beliefs and all kinds of unconscious material that lie behind all weight issues. The natural essences are both powerful and gentle. Regular use helps to establish new energy patterns, emotional responses and beliefs as well as subconscious patterns that are helpful to your transformation. Use as follows:


1. For feeling beautiful about yourself and your image (apply to whole Aura)

2. Releasing suppressed emotion and feeling good about your future (apply solar plexus)

3. To assist with projecting your real self into the world, rather than a false image (apply in solar plexus)

4. Connecting with your deeper spiritual self (apply chakra 7, crown of head)

5. Letting go of 'baggage' (apply solar plexus and sacral)

6. Breaking out of outmoded structures that may be holding you back (apply solar plexus)

7. Clearing blocks around sexuality and release of suppressed anger (apply heart and sacral chakras)

8. Finding new strength after hurt: courage to continue (apply chakra brow)

9. Emotional and psychic tie cutting: getting rid of connections with people you've known or met who may be still be energetically bonded with you but whose influence is harmful or holding you back. (apply solar plexus)

10.Releasing the Past (apply solar plexus)

11.Grounding: being fully present in the body! (apply solar plexus)

10ml Set is £69


Not to be taken internally! Use twice daily, recommend first and last thing.

Application of all essences: place a couple of drops on the palm of one hand, rub hands together once to distribute essence, then evaporate from hands into specified chakra areas, from approx. 6 inches away from skin. Hold each one for around 30 seconds. Do not worry if you make a mistake. Essences do not have a significant odour of any kind, do contain alcohol to aid evaporation.






Petaltone Prosperity Essence Set

The new improved Prosperity Set aims to help those who are working to improve their relationship to the material world! For too long we may have been carrying limiting thought forms, beliefs and attitudes which block us from actualising our true potential, in alignment with our higher self. As most of us live in a world of plentiful resources, why not discover how we can better relate and use these to positive and creative ends?
This set is ideal to use either on its own, or as a powerful supporting influence to any training courses that deal with these issues.

Prosperity 1

Use in throat chakra,for connecting to energies of abundance and assisting the self expression

Prosperity 2

Use in solar plexus,connecting with the higher self, the path of deeper heart intention, connecting this to the will

Prosperity 3

Use in sacral chakra,for positive mental attitude, self reliance and self worth

Prosperity 4

Use in throat and solar plexus chakras, for clearing limiting thought forms and energy patterns.   




'Spirit of Abundance'

Spirit of Abundance connects you to the abundance of the world! At a time when many leaders are promoting the ideas of scarcity, and creating fear in people, this essence connects you deeply to the true spirit of abundance, which is ever present. Whilst doing this it highlights the parts of your being that resist accepting this abundant energy, that keep you from being part of it. You may then move through and heal these, and create real change! Ideal to use alongside Prosperity Set.






Tantric Love Essences Set for Single People

The truth is, when we are single but not happy to be there, we exude vibrations which keep potential partners away. When we are in a happy relationship, we are more attractive to others and tend to experience more opportunities...when we least need them. This set of essences helps us break down the thought forms, beliefs and other energy patterns that keep us stuck, allowing a fresh influx of energy and a chance to create something new. Use twice daily via evaporation into the aura in the chakras as instructed. Do not take internally.

1) Golden Way
Use in chakras 4 and 5, (Heart and Throat) for attuning to and helping to attract the right partner for you at this time. Also will uplift and purify your energies. Walk the golden way, not the path of desperation!

2) Beauty
Use all round the aura, to help bring out your beauty and make you more attractive. Will also help you appreciate your own physical beauty, and to feel better about it. Helps to heal your sexuality and feel good about it too.

3) Bright Star
Stay true to yourself, own your power, speak your heart and shine! This essence helps you to become more fully yourself, and to allow this to bring you into partnership. Use in chakras 1 and 4 (base and heart)





Tantric Love Essences Set for Couples

These beautiful essences are applied via evaporation into the aura during foreplay andlovemaking, enhancing subtle energies and the levels of sensitivity.Exploring subtle energies during lovemaking is one way to enter the exciting sensual world of tantra. The dance of energies between lovers is exquisite and can be enhanced when plant energy essences are introduced. New levels of sensitivity mean more ecstatic moments. The physical levels of sexual interchange melt into a deeper and more satisfying realm. Physical climax becomes secondary to a feeling of continual orgasm which happens in the different chakras. The plants lend us their subtle but powerful energies so we can delve more deeply and open up more fully. Past life experiences and soul contact are often enhanced. The effect is safe and gentle too, unlike drugs and stimulants has no side effects, other than a tendency towards being more deeply relaxed.


1) Beauty:
Evaporate into solar plexus and heart chakras during foreplay. Enhances overall sensitivity, appreciation of beauty, and helps to calm the initial sexual impulse so that the energies may be allowed to rise to a higher level. This essence can also be applied via a neutral carrier oil as a massage.

2) Deep Spring: Evaporate into sacral chakra before and during lovemaking. Assists heart contact, communication with higher self, and can sometimes bring awareness of past life connections Increases the depth of the experience. Can also be used to replenish depleted energy centres, before, during or after love.

3) Purple Valley Evaporate into throat chakra during foreplay. Assists with receptivity, which is important for both partners in higher sex. Also assists transpersonal contact with the feminine (Goddess) and to derive wisdom from sexual experience.

4) Mountain Yang Evaporate into heart chakra Boosts the Yang energies, assists contact with higher self, and opens the channels for these energies to flow into lovemaking. Can also be applied via a clean oil burner (use spring water) or via a cleansed crystal (evaporate into crystal): leave crystal near the bed.

5) Golden River Use over whole Aura during foreplay. Fills aura with golden light. Assists with transmutation of lower emotions, soul union, and unconditional love. It also helps to dissolve ties with past partners and boosts both male and female aspects.



Not to be taken internally! Use as often as required.

Application of all essences: place a couple of drops on the palm of one hand, rub hands together once to distribute essence, then evaporate from hands into specified chakra areas, from approx. 6 inches away from skin. Hold each one for around 30 seconds. Do not worry if you make a mistake. Essences do not have a significant odour of any kind, but do contain some alcohol to aid evaporation.