Shamanic Tools: Plant Spirit Essences for Shamanic uses  (set of 4)

Petaltone Plant Ally

From Hawaii, PPA is a versatile Plant Spirit Medicine working as an Ally to your energetic process: this essence will powerfully enhance any energetic healing or cleansing, and has great potential in the right hands. It is also highly aware and will only work to further wellbeing, cannot be misused. A few drops are placed on the ground at the feet of the client, or in the space you wish to clear. Instructions are then given, the more detailed the structure you use the more accurate the results. You can meditate or journey and meet PPA, this is a worthwhile experience and a good way to begin your relatioinship with this Ally. PPA is never taken internally.

Z14 Etheric cleansing

works its way through 14 levels of the etheric and is a powerful clearing essence. In order for it to work however, it needs to feel your alignment to a greater spiritual force, so usually we use this one after an invocation to Archangel Michael, placing a few drops on the ground in the area needing cleansing. Recently Judy Hall dicovered that it will also work very well when applied with an Amphibole Crystal or Labradorite rock. We have tried this and it works extremely powerfully. Do not take internally! Do not apply to skin. ( may be harmful if ingested.)

Leaf 1

This unusual Plant Spirit Essence from the UK is a powerful landscape healer. A few drops may be added to a spray to cleanse astral gunge from the land. For a more dramatic effect, it can also be applied via a dowsed vortex point in the earth's energy field. This point is in potential when dowsed, and when leaf 1 is sprayed onto the area, opens a large cleansing vortex which affects a large area. There may be other uses for this essence. We were told it had once been known in the old times in the UK, but had been lost like much knowledge of this kind.

Leaf 2

This excellent essence from the UK cleanses all water, from your bath water, to your central heating system, your bottle of drinking water, your well, your stream, your undersground stream. Apply via spray.



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Disclaimer: these essences are designed to be used in the very specific ways described. We do not accept responsibility for their use in any other way.