The following directory is both a practical tool for use of the essences, and also a useful reference and indicator covering multiple levels from physical through to spiritual. All essences are applied externally via evaporation into the energy field (aura). A pendulum or other dowsing tool is used to dowse the bottles, together with the correct chakras and order for application. A few drops are then applied from the palms of the hands to the indicated chakra(s) from 4-6 inches from the body. The essence is transfered instantly into the energy fields, creating a powerful but gentle therapeutic effect. Anyone capable of simple dowsing can choose and apply essences.



General Use: Spiritual healing. (Don’t use when under the influence of alcohol). Positive Futures.
Elements: Earth 100% Fire 100% Ether 100%
Colours: Blue 75% Indigo 100% Violet 95% White 98% Silver 95%
Physical level: Soothes nervous system, Parkinsons, cancer.
Emotional level: Releases suppressed positive emotion.
Mental level: Grounding mental energies, structuring.
Etheric level: Releases blocks in energy flow. Heals etheric.
Astral level: Helps clear pathways to the FUTURE.



General Use: Stamina, fire, anti-depressant, masculine power.
Elements: Fire 100% Ether 75%
Colours: Red 100% Orange 85% Yellow 90% Green 85%
Physical level: Lethargy. ME. Not to be used on physically fragile!!
Mental/Etheric level: Stimulates mental activity. Don’t use if
‘Hyper’. Awakens the sluggish mind. Re-energies depleted etheric. Best used when fully awake, rather than at the start of end of the day.
Psychic level: Purifying. Energises depleted chakras. Use with fire orientated
cleansing processes.
Creative level: Masculine aspect, physical level, motivation.
Spiritual level: Breaks down kundalini blocks. Positive self-belief,
higher self connection.
Polarity: Heals low energy masculine aspect.
Crystals: Can be applied via crystal. Awakens their masculine
aspects. Crystal can become a wand for catabolic operations, or a
flame for the removal of negative energies.
ALSO: Clears fire meridians in the body



General Use: Clears negative thought forms.
Elements: Earth 90% Air 75% Fire 100% Water 75%
Colours: Yellow 10% Green 25% Blue 100%
Pysical level: Assists with breathing problems to some extent.
Mental level: Freedom of thought. Helps one who feels stifled.
Etheric level: Breaks down negative thought forms: powerfully
Creative level: Removal of creative blocks, creative stamina. The
strength to go on.
Sexual level: Clears self-demeaning attitudes.
Buildings: Can be used to clear out negative thought forms (use
plant mister).



General Use: Psychic attack, clearing, revitalising.
Elements: Water 30% Fire 75%
Colours: Red 100% Orange 100% Yellow 100% Green 90%
Emotional level: Helps in de-cording, especially negative ties.
Revitalises depleted energy. Frustration, too laid back. Helps
attract a mate/partner.
Psychic level: Psychic attack, fends off negativity, protects auric
field. Cutting ties.
Spiritual level: Releases blocks on very deep levels. Assists with
Crystals: Can be applied via crystals.



General Use: Breaks down outmoded structures. Clears dark
emotions. Jealousy.
Elements: Earth 100% Air 25% Fire 95% Water 100% Ether 25%
Colours: Orange 10% Yellow 25% Green 75% Blue 100% Pink
Mental level: Assists mental clarity.
Emotional level: Clears darker emotions, hate, jealousy, anger,
depression, etc. Fear of ones own power, breaks down structures
holding negative energy patterns.
Creative level: Removal of outmoded creative approaches. Frees
energies stuck in old creative patterns.
Crystals: Clears crystals very well.
Buildings: Cleanses atmospheres. Affects fire and water
Polarity: Clears blocks in masculine energy. (Fears from past
abuse by and or of).



General Use: Cleansing etheric, tie cutting.
Earth 100% Fire 50% Water 25% Ether 75%
Colours: Green 25% Blue 60% Indigo 100%
Mental/Etheric level: Excellent cleanser. Clears negative thought
forms. Use in sequence with Aura Blue.
Astral level: Cleanses negative energies via fire element. Deenergies
negative astral entitites, cuts negative ties generally.
Spiritual level: Can be used to purify negative dharma, and ward
off misfortune.
Creative level: Assists higher inspiration.
Polarity level: Masculine aspect: assertiveness.
Crystals: Can be used via crystal: Especially useful for dispersing
negative thought forms.



General Use: This amazing essence cleanses crystals, and also
clears negative and harmful energies from buildings, and
from the HEF. To cleanse crystals/minerals, evaporate a few
drops into them from a close distance or soak them in water
with a few drops for 5-10 minutes (dowse how many drops for
how long). To clear buildings, use four drops in a plant mister
half full of water. Leave for one minute, then spray around
liberally. Notice the difference!! Excellent for healers and
therapists also, to clear the workspace in between clients. This
stuff really works!
Elements: Earth 100% Air 77%
Colours: Orange 3% Yellow 25% Green 80% Blue 90% Indigo
Physical level:
Helps strengthen heart. Hay fever, cancer, tumors,

boils and spots, airation of the body.
Emotional and Astral level: Release chakra blocks, and negative
emotions relating to current lifetime, seals aura against negative
invasion. Cleanses lower-mid astral.
Psychic level: Bridges gap between the psychic and the spiritual
(7th chakra). Physical protection. Can be used in the bath (a few
Crystals: As explained, cleanses these beautifully. Can also erase
their programmes if used with this intent. So be clear!
Spiritual level: Connects psychic to Spiritual. Encourages existing
Creativity level: Assists in the expansion of creative vision.
Direction and goals.
Polarity: Powerful boost for the masculine aspect of both men and
women (7th chakra). Polarity: Powerful boost for the masculine
aspect of both men and women (7th chakra).



General Use: A clearing essence.
Elements: Fire 100%
Colours: Red 94% Orange 55% Yellow 70% Green 100% Blue 100%
Indigo 93% Violet 100% Pink 60%
Physical level: Debility. Energy boost, ME. Old Age. Cold sweat,
rashes and burns. Clears liver (when this is strong), cancer.
Emotional level: Releases suppressed anger. Fear problems (eg.
fear of death, flying, reality, success, paranoia).
Motivation and enthusiasm.
Sexual level: Helps shift deep-rooted sexual problems/blocks. Can
be used to assist tantric energies by raising energy level.
Spiritual level: Clearance of negativity, releases blockages
concerned with group-work. Helps bring a non-aware person
toward the spiritual path. Energies of Geburah.
Crystals: Can be applied via crystals.



General Use: Bathes aura in golden light.
Elements: Earth 95% Air 95% Water 100% Ether 100%
Colours: Orange 100% Yellow 90% Green 90% Gold 100% Silver
Physical level: Bruising, blood problems, cholesterol, bad
circulation, urinary disorders (not infections), weak bladder.
Emotional level: Transmutation of lower emotions. Over emotional.
Flowering, growth. Contacting higher level emotions.
Psychic level: Decording, unhooking from people and past.
Spiritual level: Unconditional love, growth, flowering, setting foot
on spiritual path, links with spiritual teachers. Adds beautiful golden
energies to whole HEF.
Crystals: Cleanses and bathes them in golden light. Prepares crystal
for healing work.



General Use: Positive self-image, clears depression. Beauty. Birth.
Elements: Earth 90% Fire 88% Water 86% Air 90% Ether 96%
Colours: Red 90% Orange 90% Yellow 80% Green 90% Blue 50%
Pink 85% Indigo 100% Violet 87% Gold 87%
Physical level: Assists clearing of liver, and useful in pregnancy.
Emotional level: Positive self image, clears self demeaning
emotions, self-expression blocks, depression. Clears heart centre.
Astral level: Opens astral doorways. Clears some negativity at
this level.
Psychic level: Assists flow of healing energies.
Sexual level: Appreciation of beauty. Heart centre openness.
Creative level: The completion phase of the creative cycle.
Polarity: Strengthens feminine aspect.
Buildings: Clears atmospheres of depression.
Crystals: Can be applied via crystals and some other minerals.
ALSO: Assists when giving birth, helps the incoming soul to have
less traumatic birth.



General Use: Compassion, accepting the support of others.
Elements: Earth 100% Fire 88% Water 86% Air 90% Ether 96%
Emotional level: Unconditional love of oneself and others.
Receptivity to the compassion of others. Relating to ones own
vulnerability. Relaxation.
Sexual level: Female sexual identity. Gay males; balance and
Spiritual level: Unconditional love, accepting oneself as finite
and imperfect.
Crystals: Can be applied via a crystal, which will also be healed
by this essence.



General Use: Aligning to the Divine Will.
Elements: Fire 5-20% Water 75% Air 75% Air 25% Ether 100%
Colours: Red 100% Orange 100% Yellow 100%
Emotional level: Helps establish boundaries in relationship, Selfdemeaning
emotions. Shock (7th chakra).
Mental level: Issues related to the will. Weak/strong willed.
Spiritual level: Helps align will to the Divine Will!! Helps
receiving of spiritual guidance. Assists feminine aspect of the
spiritual (chalice).
Crystals: Helps heal crystals which have been mis-used. Increases
level of compassion that crystalcan conduct and transmit.



General Use: Emotional healing. Compassion.
Elements: Earth 100% Water 100%
Colours: Red 100% Yellow 70% Pink 100%
Physical level: Wounds, boils, spots, kidney disorders.
Emotional level: Heals wounds, broken hearts, wounded healers.
Also karmic wounds. People who do not realize their own worth.
Mental level: Clarity of thought, innovative thought, inspiration.
Psychic level: Generally assists development of pychic faculties.
Access of Akashic records of persons/buildings.
Creative level: Opens to true worth, to higher octaves of creativity.
Assists birth and structuring of creative ideas.
Crystals: Charges crystals with the above properties, and can be
applied in this way. Heals the crystal too.



General Use: Release of blocks.
Elements: Earth 100% Air 100% Water 100%
Colours: Blue 80% Silver 50%
Physical level: Blood health, congested arteries, lymphatic
system, oxygenation, energy from breath, impotence.
Emotional level: Release of deep seated emotions (possibly
from deep past) eg. guilt, grief, terror, hatred shame, regret, also
General heart chakra and emotional expression. This essence
is particularly subject to the intention. Also good for those born
under Libra.
Mental level: Assertiveness and development of the will.
Communication skills, sales/marketing.
Sexual level: Deep blocks. Impotence.
Psychic level: Very good protection. Seems to work by awakening
personal Spirit Protector.
Astral level: Helps with dreams and dream-memory, symbolism
and protection.
Buildings: Use a few drops in plant mister to awaken Spirit
Protector of building/place. (Use ‘Crystal Clear’ first).



General Use: Mental structure, business, discipline. Dreams.
Elements: Earth 90% Water 97% Ether 96%
Colours: Green 40% Blue 100% Indigo 100% Violet 100% Gold
100% Silver 100%
Physical level: Leukemia, bone problems, growing bones.
Diseases of nervous system. Cools fevers, soothes nerves. Womb
health, kidneys.
Emotional level: Helps relationships between individuals and
groups. Physical defensiveness. Nurturing, release of tears, Deep
seated blocks about money.
Victim, child abuse, negative female archetype problems.
Sexual level: Releases sexual blocks, Sexual shyness. Magnetism.
Sub-conscious level: Fears: of the unknown, sub-conscious fears.
Helps bring out hidden intent (3rd and 5th chakra).
Fear of masculine tyranny. Fear of the dark. Drug abuse (LSD/Coke).
Assists general access to sub-conscious and helps deal with it.
Mental level: Mental laziness. Assists generally with business,
management, mental structural processes. Analysis, science,
esoteric disciplines and studies (eg. numerology, astrology).Blocks
about money. Passing exams. Academia.
Psychic level: Mindreading (2nd, 3rd and 5th chakras). Realms of
Anubis and Isis. Dreams: helps to confront issues in dreams.Dream
answers to questions asked before sleep, protection in dreams (2nd
chakra before sleep). Dowsing and intuition.
Creative level: Assists the RECEIVING phase of the creative cycle.
To accept the rewards of work done. Group work/play.
Spiritual level: Mental side of spiritual discipline, grounding
spiritual energies. Providing structures for energies to flow through.
Crystals: Telepathy by crystals. Crystal ‘answerphones’. Charges
crystals with the essence’s properties and can be applied this way.
Helps heal a physically damaged crystal. Intercommunication of



General Use: Sleeping/dream problems.
Elements: Earth 75% Fire 95% Ether 100%
Colours: Green 80% Silver 100%
Emotional level: Contacting feelings/emotions. Clears anger.
Image related issues. Assists in projecting one’s real self as
opposed to an image.
Sexual level: Assists with image issues.
Psychic level: Feminine aspect, waxing moon, full moon, scrying.
Helps dream work, finding astral pathways, astral projection
and protection (via silver light). Dream memory, the realms of
Anubis. Sphere of Yesod. Clears negative psychic influence. Helps
understanding of reflection symbolism.
Astral level: As psychic level.
Crystals: Cleanses crystals beautifully: a few drops in water, soak
for a few minutes.



General: Connection to Guidance. Can be used after Crystal Clear
to CHARGE crystals with powerful healing energies. Evaporate a
few drops into crystals or add a few drops to water (can use same
water as for ‘Clear’).
Elements: Earth 100% Fire 50% Ether 80%
Colours: Green 5%Blue 35%Indigo 100% Violet 100%White
95% Pink 75%
Physical level: Assists with energising.
Emotional and Astral level: Disperses depression and
self-demeaning emotions. Assists to prevent nightmares.
Connects to the higher astral, closes doors to the lower
astral. Assists contact with the Angelic realms, and more
spiritualised aspects of the astral.
Sexual level: Assists more spiritual connections between partners.
Spiritual level: Awakens contact with higher self. GUIDANCE!
Polarity: Boosts the masculine aspect in both sexes.
Crystals: Charges crystals very powerfully with healing energy.


General Use: Grounding
Earth 90% Fire 100% Water 95%

Colours: Red 100% Orange 90%
Physical levels: Assists: Low energy, M.E., bad circulation and
arthritis. Rheumatism, strengthens heart and arteries/veins. Loss
of blood, period pains, leukemia, new blood cells, prostate gland.
Emotional level: Assertiveness, self image.Victim syndrome,
victims of sexual abuse (this lifetime),violence. Suicidal tendencies.
Release of anger. Post natal depression(4th chakra) De-cording
(strong ties) Bereavement. Sense of brotherhood/family. Humour.
Sexual level: Assists male erection problems, confidence.
Creativity level: Grounding of ideas into form and structure in
the world. Good for creative artists generally.
Spiritual level: Fear of one’s own power/giving power away (1st
and 12th chakras). Contacting the Fire Elementals. Spiritual
energies grounding to earth level. Enhances sense of brotherhood
of man. Humour!
Crystals: Will imbue crystal with the above properties.



General Use: Maintain individuality whilst with the crowd. Valuing
personal uniqueness. Regression.
Elements: Air 90% Water 100%
Colours: Violet (Pale Violet) 100%
Physical level: Air in bloodstream. Endocrine system, some
malfunctioning glands. Benign tumors, stones blisters and
chilblains. Strengthens heart.
Spiritual level: Assists maintaining spiritual centre whilst with the
mass. Helps cope with lonely aspects of the spiritual path.
Feminine aspect: receptivity without weakness. Strengthens aura.
Aids regression and access of Akashic records. Helps to find
spiritual path.
Crystals: Will take on some of the properties of this essence.


General Use: High level purification. Mix with some other essences
to bring out higher octaves of these.
Elements: Fire 25% Water 90% Ether 80%
Colours: Green 100% Blue 80% Violet 100% Indigo 95%
Physical level: Clearance, liver.
Mental/etheric level: Destroys negative etheric energies. Good for
positive thought.
Spiritual level: High level purification. Higher chakras.
Polarity: Enhances feminine aspect.
Creative level: Clears blocks.
Crystals: Can be applied via crystals. Cleanses these also.



General Use: Pure energy source. Re-charges energies.
Elements: Air 75% Water 25% Indigo 100% Violet 100%+ White
100% Pink 90%
Physical level: Energizes. M.E. Debility.
Emotional level: Emotional exhaustion.
Mental/Etheric level: Mental fatigue, charges depleted etheric.
Psychic level: Gives extra strength before psychic activities (3rd
Sexual level: Replaces depleted energy centres (by 25%).
Spiritual level: Assists the ‘casting off of old clothes’. Becoming
more open to this level.
Crystals: Can be applied via crystals. Will also clear and charge it
with healing/love energies.

DISCLAIMER: This information is for reference only, and represents
information we have been given from spiritual sources
regarding use of Petaltone Essences. There is no medical
evidence available to support it and therefore we make no
claims as to its validity in the treatment of any condition or illness.