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Healing Music CD/Download


The Healing Flame  by David Eastoe

Music for deep mefitation, trance and healing, with instrumental sounds tuned to chakras.

CD available for £10 + p+p (aprox 60 minutes of healing music)

Title track of the CD is available on iTunes for $1.99  (11m 48s)

'Secret Places'  David Eastoe Album November 2014

37 mins of music inspired by the Hawaiian and Celtic Landscapes, played on guitar and piano, ewith Celtic Harp(on 2 tracks played by Helen Guild) and sampled instruments. Available on iTunes or on CD.


Mellow Tantric Jazz  by David Eastoe

(with guest musicians)

music for creating a sensual relaxing environment.

Check it out on CD Baby

'Night Whispering'

'Black Cockatoo'



Singingbowl Sounds Recording Studio

David Eastoe has over 30 years experience in studio recording and has specialised in therapeutic recordings. You can hire him and his studio to make your recording and you will get a sound engineer who is sympathetic and understanding of the subtle energy dynamics of your project. He will also be able to provide specially composed backing music to enhance the healing effects and create appropriate atmosphere.