The following are short testimonials from sales of our essences online:

'I never go anywhere without my Petaltones...' Judy Hall UK Author

'Lovely! Feels very Powerful and looking forward to consciously working with it'

'really effective! notice the difference immediately, fast delivery, thanks!'

'I just wanted to let you know that I have been working with the Powershield for almost a year now, and it is indeed powerful. I have had some amazing results.'

'OMG! WOW! This is one powerful essence!!! All I can say is that you need to try'

'Just tried EMF Protection essence - Immediate results- clarity and peacefulness! I highly recommend this and the whole range of essences. have been using them for years. The new ranges are superb for all kinds of energy interventions from spirits, to thought forms to space clearing etc etc ...TRY THEM!!' (Nina Ashby)

'I sprayed crystal clear around the house a few days back with miraculous results! The energy changed almost instantly! Wow!! '

'I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed using your product. My Reiki teacher has been using your product for years and let us try the Crystal Clear. I loved it! I got some last year and I have been using it every since with my Reiki energy sessions and with other energy practices. Another energy practitioner had gotten the Z14 and I tried it, that worked amazing too.  So in our community we love your products and it has worked amazingly with all we are doing ?
So a big Thank You from all of us to you!! '

'Can I just ask you about XO? When I opened the box, there were sparks of light coming of the bottle. We have used it and it feels very powerful. I swear it contains the energy of Source.'

'I have received the power shield essence and already it is working. I just wanted to say thanks for the information you sent me and what an amazing selection of essences. I have been through so many different flower essences but i am truly converted now. These are so effective.'

'HG4 (HG Tree Essence): my cat had digestive troubles and the remedy indicated was HG4, not only sorted out her physical problem (applied over a period of about 10 days) , she at last started expressing herself: she was joyfully rolling on her back and came and sat on me and purred...'

'Your product is amazing. ... how powerfully it worked and helped for me. I set up the positive intention and I received an answer. I am very glad I met your essences.'

'Excellent in every way - thank you'

'Fabulous set of 4 essences.Very pleased with items. Always work very well thanks'

'Crystals clear very quickly, service was excellent'

'House feels much lighter, service was excellent'

'Wonderful Essence (as they ALL are!) Enjoying Experimenting with it...It's Fab!'

'As Always A Great productI I Will Be Back For More Petaltone Soon!'

'Thank you so much, They really do work fabulously!! Will shop again thank you!!'

'I have felt a difference almost immediately I started diffusing and I have felt a clearing going on in my physical body within 1 hour of starting diffusing I have never experienced before and I have used a lot of aura sprays and ingested aura clearing essences. I felt a lot of clearing going on....'

EMF Protection Essence testimonial:

"Thank you so much David for making this EMF protection essence. I'm a busy person with my own business often spending many hours (up to 10 hours a day) on the computer altho' I am careful to mainly use my mobile on speakerphone and I don't use wifi at home at all despite having 20 other wifi routers impacting my home here in London. I'm pretty much vegan and eat 70% raw organic food so am pretty sensitive so am able to really feel energy in my body and surrounding energy field/aura. It's challenging in this day and age to find products that actually work so it was very welcome finding Petaltone's EMF Protection essence. As I applied a few drops of the essence into my aura at my solar plexus area, I felt as if my body's "shielding or "energetic armouring" started to soften and I'm getting the same feeling as if I sit in nature for a while and my body's energy opens and I take a deeper breath and my whole body starts to relax. What a beautiful healing essence you have created David and I wholeheartedly recommend this essence if you want to help your body release the tension you might be feeling because of EMF overload. Thanks so much again David". - Ashera, Sound Healing Practitioner, London, UK


The Following are Testimonials regarding the Aura Protection and Space Clearing Essences

'PowerShield ': "This is the best one yet! Immediately felt all the crap being cleared from my field and this has happened every time I use it. Particularly useful when I have been tired and inadvertently took on other energies. .."

"Thank you for your beautiful product. ' Golden Glow' is really nice when I use a lot people have told me that I look clear light and pure like an angel. Wow that's what I always wanted to look clean and clear of negative energy."

Z14 : "I held it before opening it to attune fully to its energy and within about 4 seconds it reduced me to a sob and immediately on the back of that had me in a giggling fit. Lovely way for an essence to say hi and thought you'd like to share it. A very powerful essence indeed".

Weight Loss Set: testimonials.

'Immediately lost desire to ëgrabí sweet foods especially in the late evening and even found myself stopping half way through a bag of Turkish delight because my stomach was saying No More even though my mouth was saying More. I would usually have eaten the whole bag, then felt awful from the sugar ...'

'The loss of desire for sweet foods persisted and I found myself eating smaller portions of everything ñ it felt as though the stomach/mind link had been re-connected making it easy to only eat when I felt hungry.
I feel content to remain in my body more now and escape into my head less. Patterns of self-criticism, which contributed to the feeling of helplessness, have dropped away and I am much more able to intervene in the thoughts in my head and my feelings and take action to change them to what I want them to be.'

'My energy has increased dramatically and I can easily visualise and feel myself as I was a couple of years ago...'

'I have now finished with my essences and the extraordinary thing is is that that was a week ago and now I am feeling the benefits i.e. all the things I have been working on with them seem to be helping me and I have lost weight subsequently...'

'I have been using the petaltone essences intuitively still and find that they relieve any stress that I am holding in my body very quickly. Notably the jaw area and neck....

'... Still working with the essences and yes, I have lost weight!! The one that seems to get me the most is the essence dealing with not having to stick with outmoded habits/experiences etc. Also the one about letting the people go....'

Prosperity Essence set testimonial

We ran a series of trials with volunteers via the post to see how people reacted to taking these essences: here are some responses:

Letter One (Alison)
There has been a noticeable shift around my emotional attachment to having more money. Previously I was more poverty conscious than I would probably want to admit to in public. I have less of a hoard mentality, and am more positive about being in the flow where finances are concerned. I have always understood rationally that money is just an energy exchange, but on an emotional level this just hadn't got through. I have found that I wasn't as worried about spending money, especially on myself. Although I am sure I still have some issues to deal with about spending larger sums of money on myself , I don't have a long internal conversation justifying what I am buying!!! Although I still have issues about poverty consciouness I am much more open to receiving the abundance of the universe in all its forms. I am expressing gratitiude for all that I have in a much more positve way. It's alomst as though I am expecting to receive abundance.
'I am aware that I have written more about money than prosperity, but that's probably where my biggest block is. I am not so concerned about having money in the future, as I am fully aware that all my needs are being met, and the universe will continue to do this for me. I found that more funds came to me, but that also more expenses came with them!! At least I had the funds to meet those expenses. I am also aware that I am "prospering" on all levels. I am more open to trying new avenues in my business, that previously my negative mind would have been critical about. Almost as though I was setting myself up for rejection before I had even started.
'I have to be honest and say that I didn't always follow the instructions given, but being a kinesiologist I used muscle testing to find out what waas most beneficial for me. I feel you should always be flexible and go with the bodies' response.
'On a lighter note, since using the essences, I have had 2 premium bond wins!!! If that's not open to prosperity I don't know what is!!'

PROSPERITY ESSENCES Second Letter (Teresa)

Background information: This trial started less than a week before I was due to return to work after long term sick leave due to a prolapsed disk. I had been off work for 5 Ω months. On taking the essences for the first two days, I felt more grounded and more confident, especially about driving, I had driven very little since my back problem which begun in May...'

'...My attitude to my job has become more positive and I am looking forward to retirement, although I always was there is something a bit more real about my thinking now. Since stopping the remedies I have remained grounded and positive, with a greater feeling of being in control on a material basis and an ability to ask for help if I need to.'

Space Clearing Stories

True stories - clearing vibes, ghosts and entities

Many people report appreciable shifts in the energy environment of their homes and workspaces after using Crystal Clear and Astral Clear natural plant space clearing essences. If you have a story, please share it! Here are a few of my own examples. DE

1) An old Somerset farmhouse was dark, dismal and depressing. The goatshed scared the kids, probably because the husband had tried to hang himself in there. The family suffered depression. Firstly I treated the house with Crystal Clear, which resulted in an appreciable lightening both energetically and physically...there actually appeared to be more light getting in.
Secondly I treated the goatshed with Astral Clear and some other essences I was experimenting with. Suffice to say the children now feel so happy in there they've made it into their den.

2) The cafe was used by lots of 'vibrationally down and out' people. The atmosphere was intimidating and dark. Whilst using Crystal Clear a female customer verbally abused me, then, as the energy lightened, moved off to find a corner where the shadows still lurked, Some people like hanging out in shadows, I guess.

3) 2.00am in a large townhouse in SW England. There was an entity in the bedroom. It must have been at least 6 feet in diameter and was like a black blob. I didn't fancy sleeping with that...using astral clear applied via a crystal placed on the strategic point, a few minutes later resulted in a loud cry from the lodgers across the landing. They had seen a large entity leaving via the staircase and out the front door.

As we increase our psychic sensitivity, we become increasingly aware of psychic interference, which may be very annoying if not debilitating. Entities, ghosts, psychic attack and geopathic stress: if you feel affected by any of these what can you do? solution is to explore the petaltone range of natural vibrational essences for psychic protection.