Petaltone UK Workshops. Currently we are running small group and individual Trainings in Somerset UK, Practitioner, Practitioner Trainer and Petaltone Shamanic Training. Small groups enable us to offer Courses to fit your level of experience and interest. This does present opportunities to train with Petaltone creator and founder David Eastoe.  Email all enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view


Petaltone taster experience available in Fukuoka Japan:
🌟2/23(祝) ペタルトーンエッセンス体験会 in 天神 のお知らせ🌟
Blue Ocean imported with petal tone essence will be held at Tenjin.
Participation is free and more than 150 bottles of all kinds of essences are free to use, so why not take this opportunity to try it out?
*日時 :: 2月23日(祝) 13:30〜17:30


Petaltone Shamanic Training 2024


We are expanding our Training program with more hands on sharing of knowledge that has been learned over many decades, and so we are able to offer ‘Petaltone Shamanic Training’ starting with 2 day intensive offered to individuals and small groups.

Course will cover:

Both ‘use of’ and ‘making of’ your own powerful plant energy essences

Using unique methods we have developed over 30 years, you will be empowered to create:


Petaltone Plant Ally : how to make and use this powerful essence that can assist any energy work process, from powerful space clearing, healing, working in combination with crystals/minerals


Leaf 1: Make an essence that can be used for healing the Earth around you, including your own land, your garden, the earth upon which your home or workplace is built. We can also expand this to include clearing energy in landscape.


Leaf 2: make a Water-healing essence that can be used to clear energies in water, including wells, streams, underground streams, domestic water systems and water based heating systems(central heating) Can be expanded to healing underground water in geopathic landscape situations.



We will then discover how to use Petaltones in combination with some Shamanic techniques to create a sacred ceremony, we will show how this can be used to Heal the Earth, and to re establish our links with Spirits of Nature.

Suitable for varied levels of previous experience, the material we teach is unique and can be applied to any level off previous knowledge of shamanic or ceremonial work, or essence or other modality skills.

Course Tutored by David Eastoe(Petaltone Creator) and Helen Guild , fees: 2 day Course £400 per person (non residential).


 please email your interest This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.