Petaltone Treatments Worldwide

- Skype Sessions available online or one to one in Somerset UK
-  Clearview/Personal Genius Treatment with David Eastoe
-  Shamanic Treatments with Helen Guild (phone and one to one)

Also available

-  Family Treatments : Dowsing for the whole family (from photo)
-  Animal Treatments (Remote dowsing from photo)

-  Petaltone Tarot Reading + essences (from online photo)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


'Clearview' Treatment with David Eastoe DipHE (Petaltone Founder)

This treatment available one to one or via Zoom/Skype. Working with a Plant Ally and Hawaiian Plant Spirit Medicine to :

Cope with major change and life challenges of all kinds
Clear thought forms from recent times
Clear thought forms dating back to childhood/birth (and sometimes beyond)
Clear astral etheric and other forms connected to major life challenges
Clear cellular and bone memories
Clear sub and unconscious patterns, including beliefs, related to these issues
Clear ties and connections with unhelpful people /places or past situations.

Help to deal with uncertainty and times of change.

This is an extensive 'live' clearing of energy forms and patterns in your energy field, also in your body memory. Treatment time is 1 hour and can be conducted as a one to one or via a Skype or landline (preferably) phone. (mobile can be used if desired) £75 GBP  (concessions possible if on benefits etc)

Personal Genius Consultation with David Eastoe DipHE


A 'Clearview' session focused on creativity. As this is something very close to my own heart, I have decided to offer specialised Treatment/Consultation based on the personal search for creative spirit, this work entitled ' Personal Genius Consultation'. This is a 1 hour session either by Zoom/Skype or one to one, and we will work with Hawaiian Plant Spirit Medicine, Petaltone Plant Ally, to disperse thought forms, cellular memories and beliefs, and other energies which obscure the path to realisation of personal creative potential.

We will also look at different structures which may be useful for the individual, either enhancing an existing creative direction, or perhaps giving birth to a new one.
Petaltone Essences themselves came into being in a similar fashion, and continue to manifest from the unknown all the time!
This session will benefit creative expression, business and wealth generation, general wellbeing on all levels, and help to re-align us to the true Human path, the likes of which becomes further obscured each year in the current world order. 1 Hour £75 GBP  

Shamanic Clearing Session with Helen Guild BscHons - by Skype/Zoom or one to one

A powerful session that involves live clearing energy of forms that are the root causes of many of your challenges, including cords that keep you bound to past connections. Helen draws on her considerable experience using both traditional Peruvian Shamanic techniques, plant spirit medicine and counselling skills. This session has been specially developed to work effectively over Zoom/Skype, or one to one in Somerset UK.

Helen has trained in powerful Shamanic techniques with Eliana Harvey and with Peruvian Shaman Don Juan Núñez del Prado. Helen's own website:

1 hour session £75  (concs on application) email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clearview Plus Shamanic Treatment with David Eastoe DipHE and Helen Guild BScHons

We set aside 2-3  hours for this treatment, available in Castle Cary Somerset (UK), you will have a session with Helen Guild (Helen has studied traditidional forms of Shamanism and is a qualified practitioner) and also a Clearview clearing session with David Eastoe. We have found that having a Shamanic treatment first prepares the ground for the Clearview session, resulting in deeper access to underlying energy patterns that need to be cleared.

2-3 hours £150 GBP



Personal and Family Treatments: Dowsing for the individual OR whole family!

Dowsing for Petaltones. When family members live together, their energies are so involved with each other that we have found it more effective to treat all members of the family, and that this really gets results. To facilitate this, we are offering a free dowsing service with Helen Guild, and we have children's essences available too. Dowsing is effective from recent photos which can be sent online or via post.

We make a standard charge of £13.95 GBP for each Adult person + £2.50 for each additional young family member. The essences cost £7.45 per 10ml bottle + p+p in UK (dowsing usually indicates 2-4 essences for 1 person depending on circumstances of course, but you can choose to have a lesser number)


Animal / Pet Treatments (online/postal)

Petaltone Essences are particularly effective in treating animals, and of course as they are not taken internally, they are a lot easier to apply than most treatments. and have a powerful, noticeable positive effect on both the emotional states and the physical condition of most animals. Helen Guild BScHons offers a remote Pet treatment service dowsing the aura essences in the Petaltone range from photographs or hair samples. Essences are then posted and applied in the home situation. Consultation and 3 essences available for just £28. Essence application is easy as they are applied via evaporation. results can be dramatic, this has proven to be an amazing treatment for animals.

The Living Tarot : Readings + Transformational Petaltones

We do readings from photo sent online, and then we dowse essences that help you make the necessary transformations that are highlighted by the relevant cards in the reading. This has been tested and found to be very powerful way to focus essence selection.

This is a new venture for us and we re launching the following readings at this time.

Living Tarot Reading
A simple but powerful spread designed to focus your question in the most effective way, and deliver suggestions for action/transformation supported by 3 x Petaltone Essences
From online recent photo, £49.99 + p+p inc 3 x 10ml essences dowsed for you.

Living Tarot Plus Reading
A more expanded spread with 5 essences dowsed to assist the action/transformation
From online recent photo £69.99 +p+p.  p+p in UK is £3.65 outside UK will depend on location but is usually around £10 - £12 GBP